Health Care Workers Program

Health Care Workers Homebuyers Discount

The Ironstone Building Company proudly presents a fantastic discount program to honour LHSC Health Care Workers. Your unwavering dedication to healthcare makes you a true champion. We express our gratitude by offering an exclusive program with us, granting eligible participants a $10,000 discount on any new Ready-To-Go Home.

We genuinely appreciate your commitment, and our team is excited to help you find your dream home. Contact the Ironstone sales team today for more details.

Your discount is also eligible for our award-winning Flex Haus homes! 

Take advantage today.


Award Winning Flex Haus™

2 Homes Under 1 Roof

Flex Haus provides a private suite designed for your changing lifestyle. Whether you need the space to accommodate aging parents, young adult children, work or income suite, Flex Haus offers convenience and flexibility for you.

Ready-To-Go Homes & Townhomes

All of our Ready-To-Go Homes and Town are eligible for the Ironstone Health Care Workers Program, and as new Ready-To-Go models are released they too will be added to this special discount program.