Pre-Delivery Inspection

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

This inspection serves two purposes: an opportunity for us to educate you about your new home to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently, and for us to assess and document any outstanding, incomplete or possibly damaged items in the home.

Your PDI will take place approximately 1 week prior to closing. An Ironstone representative will contact you to confirm the scheduling of your PDI appointment. The inspection takes about 2 hours to complete.

This is your opportunity to become familiar with your new home. You will also receive your Warranty information along with your Tarion enrollment certificate and identify any pre-delivery issues.

  • PDI’s are conducted Monday-Friday. This date/time will be sent to you by our Project Administrator within 48 hours of receipt of your deposit, and will be completed during regular business hours. These appointments will be outlined to you during your APS
  • Please find alternative arrangements for your children as this appointment is quite detailed and will require your full attention
  • Due to the detailed nature of the PDI, only the titled Owners or Designate may attend the Inspection. There is a lot of detailed information to cover.
  • If you are unable to attend the required PDI, you can assign a Designate. A form must be completed in advance of the PDI/ Please contact your Project Administrator for more information
  • For more information visit to the PDI Checklist found on the Tarion Website 

What is a PDI Sign Off - Closing?

At your PDI, you walk through your home with an Ironstone representative and note any deficiencies that may have been found. Our construction team has corrected as many of those as possible. Now it is time for you to review any of those corrections and sign off, as recognition of their completion. This appointment is confirmed with you at the same time as your PDI appointment. We request that only the home owners be present at this appointment.

There will be items that may not be completed before the closing, due to the time of year and these items being seasonal. Items like final grading, sod, landscaping, decks and fences are considered “special seasonal”, and can only be completed during good weather. If your occupancy day falls in the winter months, the seasonal items will need to wait until spring to complete. In turn, items like exterior painting and caulking are considered “seasonal” and will also have to wait for the warmer months to complete.

Handing Over the Keys

Once you have signed off on the completed deficiency items on the day of closing, your keys will be placed in a lockbox on the front door of your new home.  Once you have met with our representative and signed off the completed deficiency items, and we have received notification that the legal documents have been completed and transfer of funds has taken place, you will receive an email advising you that the transaction is complete. The email will contain the code to access the lockbox, then you can collect your keys! To avoid a delay please ensure that you are completing the necessary paperwork with your lawyer well in advance.