The top 5 benefits of buying real estate in the fall

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We’ve all heard that spring is the best time for real estate transactions, but buying in the fall has its benefits. With the kids back in school and the weather still moderate, now might be the perfect time for your family to get into a brand new Ironstone home.

1. Less competition

By looking for a home in the fall, you get to avoid the hectic open houses of the spring and summer months. Plus with real estate agents less busy, you get more personalized attention while you search for your next home.

2. Moving-friendly weatherbenefits to buying a house in the fall

No one wants to move in 35-degree weather or in three feet of snow. Fall’s moderate temperatures keep everyone happy when packing up the family van!

3. Available movers

Have you ever tried moving at the end of the month during the summer? Movers need to be booked way ahead of time and the hot weather can slow them down adding to your moving costs.

4. See how the home does in cooler temperatures

When viewing a home in the chilly fall months you can make sure there are no drafts or other signs that the home isn’t well insulated.

5. Be in by the holidays

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by spending time with your family in your brand new home!


We build fully-finished model homes in each of our neighbourhoods so that clients can experience what an Ironstone Built home looks and feels like. Check out our open house info here.