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Ironstone Impact Awards

A tradition that started in 2020 to celebrate the Ironstone Building Company’s 10 year anniversary, the Ironstone Impact Awards has become a yearly event where Ironstone donates $10,000 over the span of 10 weeks to 10 selected organizations that make an impact in the City of London. 

“We want to give back to the community,” said Dave Stimac, Ironstone President & Co-founder. “We are born and raised Londoners with a strong attachment to the city. We build here, we employ trades and suppliers here and we know organizations are having a hard time.”

In honour of Ironstone’s 12th year of operations, we’ve decided to donate to 12 charities over the span of 12 weeks – starting on the week of October 3rd 2022 and ending the week of December 19th 2022.

Staff Vote

For a Charity

Since we had great success last year with the staff vote, we’ve decided to reimplement the staff vote this year! From December 5th – December 9th 2022 you can vote for your favourite charity to win a donation of $10,000. The winning charity will be announced on December 15th 2022.

There are two ways to vote:

1) Vote for a charity in our list of candidates. Select the charity you wish to vote for then hit the ‘vote’ button to submit your answer.

2) Select the “Submit a Charity for Consideration” button then fill out the name for the charity you would like us to consider. The charities we’ve donated to thus far include: Habitat for Humanity, My Sister’s Place, Merrymount, Anova, Wounded Warriors, The Royal Canadian Legion, YOU, St. Joseph’s Hospice, Humana Community Services, and the Business Cares Food Drive. Entries that involve charities we have already donated to will be removed. 

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Last Year's Selected


As we will be donating to a new charity each week, you can keep up to date here on the charities we’ve partnered with for this year and in the years past.

Last Year's Selected


Building A Strong

Community Together

We are proud to support the local London community that supports us. Below is a list of the charities and organizations we have supported recently.

Testimonials from past

Ironstone Impact Awards